Babaji's Life


The Ever Shining Star of India


The living saga of Bapu Gurucharan Singh is full of velour, dedication and selfless service for the country. His life reflexes the vibrance of highest degree of commitment and relentless following of the ideals for a society where freedom prevails, where live with ensue of pride and with obligation to the cause of serving of mother land.

The Early Challenges


Bapu Gurucharan Singh motivation to fight for the freedom struggle of India developed in him as early as when he was a near boy of 11 years of age.

The urge in him to be freedom fighter lowered all the family reservation who ere against his joining of the freedom movement at such a tender age. he started on his chosen path overcoming all those family restrictions.

He was jailed at the age of 12 years but he continued his struggle to see the country free from the British Raj. He lost his anther during that time and got confronted with many family responsibilities. However, bau Kirpa Singh of Shiromani Committee acted as his god father and took the responsibility of looking after him.

He was jailed again for 4 years for participating so called 9th Jattha and their after he was put under house arrest for two years.

Morcha’s Under Which He Was Sent To Jail


1. DASKA MORCHA  2. JATAV MORCHA  3. GURU KA BEG KA MORCHA  4. KIRTI PARTY (Party for workers struggling for Independence)  5. HARSHA SHINA   6. MOGA MORCHA


Joined Communist Party to help the farming community demanding their rights and privileges. Fought for their deprival and matter related to land, wages and several labourers benefit schemes.

His Accreditation and Honours

He was made Sarpanch of the village for three terms. As he was man of masses he was appointed as director of central bank Gurdaspur for three terms then made vice chairman of central Bank for one term.