The prime obsession of Bapu Gurucharan Singh Freedom Fighter Charitable Trust till date is to greatly strengthen the farming communities of Punjab as he cherishes the desire to see each farming family prosperous.

Therefore, he thinks that providing awareness of modern farming technology to them in a manner best suited to them and as per the Geo physical condition of land and climate should be imparted to them by Government. It's them belief is that the farmers should be amply educated towards the proper use of fertilizer’s, method of irrigation and seeds utilization along with use of modern farming machinery, they should be made computer savvy to get maximum benefit through Kisan Channel and other sources.

They should be provided all information regularly pertaining to agriculture finance availability along with the benefit of crop insurance.

In the other way the farm up gradation facilities should be made available to them without hassle.

The Marketing of farm produce should be made easier and transparent along with the better provision of storage facilities. Local arrangement should be made to provide knowledge of Government Agriculture policies either by organising periodical camps by the government or through the visits of department specialist or from the personal from Krishi Kendra’s.

Further, the important task is to establish Bapu Gurucharan Singh Freedom Fighter Charitable Trust Smarak in the available 3 bights of land owned by the trust in village Ladhupur at Distt Gurdaspur in Punjab. The Smarak will contain several segments to provide valuable education cum training and valuable supporting programs to unskilled and under privileged men and women to make them economically self-reliant.

Special Segment of a Modern Library with number of Periodicals and books related to various vocational subjects will be kept here for enhancing the knowledge of the readers.

An updated tailoring production Centre for Girl and Ladies will be established to give a free hand to earn & learn.

Provision for old age home is crowning feature of this Smarak where arrangement will be made for elders to live gracefully indulging in activities suited to their age and Physical Fitness.

Provision for a Health Centre will be made were use of holistic Medicines will be promoted so that total dependency conventional medicine will be reduced.

It will also work a Primary Health Centre.

Provision for Computer training will also be made in the one of the section of the Smarak.

Arrangements of Community Hall for meetings. Health for meetings, Health checkup camps and small exhibition to benefit local and neighboring population in also in the final plan.

The Smarak will provide sporting and health boosting facilities within its campus, will act as a spot like of mini gym and open space for outdoor activities.

The vision of Bapu Gurucharan Singh Freedom Fighter Charitable Trust is to make maximum people live with quality life as the time is rapidly changing they must learn and adapt new and scientific ways for their betterment.

In this pursuit the trust laid emphasis for awarding scholarship of Rs. 1000 & Rs. 1100 to the meritorious student of the districts freedom fighters children and other talented boys and girls of the village of Dist. Gurdaspur.

The achievement / services rendered for the trust with membership of over one thousand motivated citizens have actively organised several meetings and conferences inviting VIP'S to address the community and make them aware of their development.

Several health check camps, Blood Donation camp has been organized and many under privileged men and women have been helped to earn their living in graceful manner   Certainly a brilliant show of selfless service by the trust.

The social interface of the trust has gathered momentum due to efforts or the executive's body and he members which is being managed by Sardar Bakhtwar Singh who in discharge his duties as SETTLER in a big way his vision of constructing the smarak will be truly and a befitting honour to the personality life time accomplishment of Bapu Gurucharan Singh Fighter Charitable Trust will also be memorial for all those freedom fighters who have given their lives in the service of the nation unabated which is now necessary for the present generation to know that what great sacrifices these freedom fighters have made for present comforts in which they are living.

The Golden word of Bapu Gurucharan Singh Freedom Fighter Charitable Trust “My soul lies in the soil of Punjab I cherish a dream to see it flourishing free from inequality and ever progressing".

An award under the name of, " Comrade Bapu Gurucharan Singh freedom fighter award " of Rs. 10,000 to people who have made remarkable contribution to the society.